The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 15

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Negan returns to the Sanctuary and regains control of the Saviors. Dwight secretly prepares notes to Rick about Negan’s plans, and later sends Gregory to deliver the notes. Daryl and Rosita capture Eugene from his outpost, but he manages to escape and continues pushing his workers to craft bullets. Dwight lures Simon into a meeting where Negan accosts him for going against his orders with the Scavengers, and kills him in a fist fight. Negan then reveals that Laura informed him of Dwight’s siding with Rick, and that his planning was a ruse upon knowing of Dwight’s disloyalty. Negan is contacted by Michonne – who reads Carl’s letter to him at the request of making peace; Negan remains intent on killing Rick and his allies once and for all.

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